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Freshly Cut Trees & Tree Care
The Importance of Freshness

A relatively small number of Christmas trees are grown locally therefore most are imported into Northern Ireland. Locally grown trees have a major advantage with regard to freshness. Each year we begin by cutting a small quantity of trees during the last few days of November and continue into December as customer demand dictates.

Traditional trees that shed their needles are cut last; thus ensuring absolutely fresh trees for our customers. It is simple logic to understand that trees that are transported long distances to retailer’s premises are cut several weeks earlier.

Tree Care

Needle loss can be reduced or avoided completely by appropriate tree selection and a subsequent care regime.

Here are 4 simple steps to follow:

  1. Select a fresh tree – fir and pine varieties have the best needle retention.
  2. If you are not putting it up immediately, store it in a cool place preferably in water.
  3. Cut about 2cm (1 inch) off the bottom of the tree before placing it in a stand that has a water container and keep it topped up.
  4. If possible display the tree as far away as possible from a central heating radiator.


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