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Walworth Farm - Quality Christmas trees For ALL Locations

Welcome to Walworth Farm near Newtownards where we have been growing Christmas Trees for 20 years. The farm is easily located and has good vehicle access. Click here for directions.

From the farm we can offer a complete range of tree types and sizes to suit practically every conceivable indoor and outdoor location. Trees for the home (around 2 meters tall) are grown for 5-7 years and over that time require constant attention and care to achieve a high quality product.

On the farm Christmas trees are individually selected for harvesting, thus maintaining consistent high standards and ensuring that only top quality fresh trees are supplied to the public.

Many trees on the farm have now been growing for 10 plus years and range from 2.5-5 meters (8-16 feet) tall and are ideal for business locations, institutions, churches and schools. Delivery of these can be arranged.


The importance of Freshness

A relatively small number of Christmas trees are grown locally therefore most are imported into Northern Ireland. Locally grown trees have a major advantage with regard to freshness. Each year we begin by cutting a small quantity of trees during the last few days of November and continue into December as customer demand dictates.

Traditional trees that shed their pines are cut last; thus ensuring absolutely fresh trees for our customers. It is simple logic to understand that trees that are transported long distances to retailer’s premises are cut several weeks earlier.


Trees for ALL Situations
For 20 years we have been growing a range of trees – both needle retention and traditional varieties. Customers are therefore assured of a good choice of tree types, sizes, and of course prices.

Click here for more information about tree characteristics and performance. All trees are displayed un-netted in our spacious yard, so choosing a tree is easy and there are no surprises when you arrive home. If time permits you can even choose a growing tree and have it cut especially for you.

Trees are netted after purchase for easy transportation.



*Convenient/Easily Accessible location
*Large Selection of Trees
*Space to View
*Trees Displayed Un-netted
*Trees Netted after purchase for easy transportation


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